If you are like most web analytics professionals today, you are doing everything you can to increase conversion rates and maximize the ROI of your website. Here's some help. Eric Peterson, noted author and founder and CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, has written a brand new whitepaper to get you started on the road to testing success.

In this 32-page whitepaper, we'll explore ten best practices for making the most of your web testing and online optimization program. Whether you are just getting started or are a testing veteran, there's something for everyone in this optimization whitepaper. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Form a Great Testing Team
    Great website testing depends on a great team. This whitepaper will detail the "who" of testing — and why they should be included in the process.
  • Think About Your Web Analytics
    Do you know how to use your web analytics to form your test hypotheses?
  • Mine for Deeper Opportunities
    There's so much more you can do with multivariate testing and site optimization if only you knew where to turn.

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Successful Website Testing Practices

New Whitepaper from Eric Peterson Illustrates How to Optimize Your Testing Program